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Starlite Model 432
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"Created especially for top performance by Magnatone with built-in Tremolo & Variable Reverb plus The exclusive True-Pitch patented Vibrato*
...In Quality...In Price...None Compare!"

Starlite Model 432"Output: 12-watts music power * Special 12" permanent magnet heavy duty speaker * 3 instrument or mic inputs * Seperate volume and tone controls * Tremolo circuit with seperate Speed and Intensity controls * Patented Magnatone true-pitch-change Vibrato with seperate Speed and Intensity controls * Vibrato and Tremolo foot switch jack * Professional reverberation circuit, with variable depth control * Reverb and Vibrato foot switch jacks * On-Off switch and pilot light * External speaker jack * Hum-balance circuit for cancellation of intrument noise pickup * Heavy gauge Vinyl Covered Cabinet with extruded edging * Size: 9 1/2 x 20 x 22 * Carrying weight: 28 lbs."
....1964 catalog hype

Tom shipped this model 432 to our shop for some restoration work. The reverb was not working and it needed a new cabinet built. The model 432 is the same as the Model 431 but with a 12-inch speaker. It has 3 inputs labeled High, Med, and Low. The 1st preamp section is a 7025 tube with a volume and a tone control. The 1st half of a 12AU7 tube for the pitch-shifting vibrato and half a 7025 for the low frequency oscillator. It is switchable from vibarto to tremolo. The reverb pan is driven by the other half of of the 12AU7 and the reverb return is amplified by half a 7025. Model 432 controlsThe dry and reverb signals are mixed with half of a 12DW7 the other half is used for the phase inverted before going to a 6HU8/ELL80 twin Pentode power tube. Note: The published printed schematic has a typo error. It reads 6UH8, it should read 6HU8 A push-pull output transformer drives the 12-inch 4-ohm speaker. Original list price was $199.95 including the footswitch.

Approx. 3-Watts
Serial Number: Not available
Owner: Thomas Szkutnik
Photo: ©2002 Zack. Used by permission.

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