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The Magnatone Amp Archive
including Estey, ToneMaster, DaVinci, Pac-Amp,
PANaramic, Titano, Unique
and Twilighter amps.
More information about the unique amplifiers made by Magnatone and Valco

This Archive is by no means meant to be a complete list of all Magna Electronics amps. We are always finding new models. Below is a broad-brush outline of the principal amplifiers and accessories manufactured by Magna Electronics Co. and Estey Electronics & Organ Co. The highlighted models have been submitted to the Archive by their owners. Click on a highlighted amp model to view a photo and a brief summary of the amp. We wish to thank all the owners that have submitted photos to this Archive.

NOTE: Every effort is made to put high quality *.jpgs of the amps listed. We use a HP ScanJet IIcx to scan the photos, however some photos are submitted by the individual owners and therefore photographic quality is only as good as the submitted photo(s).

Magnatone If you own a Model that is not pictured in the "Archive", or is "For Sale", we invite you to Please photograph it. Send it along with any information i.e. serial numbers and other numbers located on the speakers and transformers etc. to the following address:

Zack Engineering
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We reserve the right, to NOT publish ALL or some of the Photos submitted to us by their owners. The staff here is trying to catch up from Zack's trips this year and have lots of photos to go through. We publish new photos and add new Models on a 1st come 1st serve basis. No exceptions.

Thank You and We Hope You enjoy this Archive

Magna Electronics and Estey Organ Co.
Historical Archive of Amplifiers

including Estey, ToneMaster, DaVinci,
Pac-Amp, PANaramic, Unique
and Twilighter amps.

Highlighted Models are Linked to the Archive

Magnatone Los Angeles, Calif.
Magna Electronics Company

1948- Magnatone Professional amplifiers.
1947-c.55- Small MOTS amplifiers, companions to Hawaiian and Steel guitars.
Model A-646, M-50-T, Troubadour M192-5, Troubadour M192-5-D, Troubadour 192-5-S, Lyric M-192-6-D, Lyric M194-6, Melodier M-195-4-J, Troubadour 195-S, Lielani model?, Varsity M-197-3-V, M-197-5-V, Student M-199-3J, Student M-199-3-O, Maestro 212-8B
1953-54- 100 Series; Starlet 107, Varsity 108, Melodier 110, Troubadour 112, Lyric 115, Maestro 150,

Magnatone Inglewood, Calif.
1955-59- 100 Series; Starlet Model 107, Varsity Deluxe Model 108, Melodier Deluxe 109, Troubadour Model 112, Lyric Model 115, Maestro Model 150, Triplex Model 180,

Inglewood, Calif.
1957-c.58- Custom 200 Series (true vibrato); Model 213, Model 260, Model 280, Model TC-1/BVW Tone Cabinet for organs.
1958- Model 807 Slim-Line student amplifier, Hi-Fi Master Control Unit.

Torrance, Calif.
1958-c.62- Custom Model 280-A, Model 260-A, Model 213-A, Student Model 111, Model 210 Deluxe Student, Model 250 Professional.
1959-c.62- Model 190 Professional amplifier.
1962- Custom Model 262 amplifier.

Magnatone by Estey
1962-63- Custom 1000 Stereo amplifier,
Golden Voice by EsteyMasterpiece 400 Series; The Venus Model 480, The Victory Model 460, and 460A, The Athene Model 435 Bass Amp, The Jupiter Model 262, The Juno Model 450, and 450A, The Mercury Model 440, The Clio Model 415, The Centaur Model 413, The Diana Model 410,

PANaramic by Estey
for Ernest F. Deffner Co.
Long Island City, New York. c.1963
PANaramic Amps
Custom Model 440, Custom Model 96-10041, Model 1210

PANaramic by Audio Guild
Van Nuys, California c.1969
Panaramic by Audio Guild Corp.

TITANO by Estey
Torrance, California. c.1962
Titano Amps
Custom 160R, Custom 262R, model 383, Custom 415, Custom 415R,

Unique by Laub Manufacturing
Mequon, Wisconson
Model 26 R,
Harmony, Pennsylvania
Estey Musical Instrument Corp

1964-c.66- The "Suit-Case" line; Custom M-2, Custom M-4, Custom M-6, Custom M-7, Custom M-8, Custom M-9, Custom M-10, Custom M-10A, Custom M-12 bass, Custom M-13 Imperial, Custom M-14, Custom M-15A, Custom M-15 Pro-Amp, M-15 Dual Imperial, Custom M-20 Stereo.
1964-c.66-Starlite line; Model 401-A, Model 411, Model 421, Model 422, Model 431, Model 432, Model 441-A.

Magnatone - by Estey Co., Div. of Electro-Learner Corp., Harmony, Pa 16037
1966-67- MP Series; MP-5, MP-4 bass, MP-3, MP-2 bass, MP-1.
1967-68- Pro-Line solid state amplifiers; Firestar Reverb Model 150R, Sting Ray Reverb Model 120R, Cougar Bass Model 120, PA System Model PA 120, Speaker Column Model SC-4, Magna-Chordion Model 240 V for accordion and organ.
1968-71- The Brutes solid state amplifiers; The Killer M35, Big Henry M 32 Bass, Fang M 30, Bad Boy M 27 Bass, 1000 watt Tiny Tim, PS 150 and PS 300 with self-contained Power amps, PAS 150 and PAS 300 Power Towers plus MC-100 Master Control Six Channel Pre-Amp, and the PA 300 and PA 600.

Pac-Amp by Estey
Custom Model 382,

DaVinci Amplifier Co.
Santa Ana, Calif.
DaVinci D.V.A.L.,

Twilighter by Lo Duca Bros
Model 213R, Troubadour Model 213, Custom 260,

ToneMaster by Estey
Custom 62, custom 261, Custom 381, Model 214,

Accessories (Optional)
#15 Standard Remote 15-inch Speaker & Cabinet, #15-B Binaural Remote 15-inch Speaker, Cabinet, Foot Control, RVB-1 Transistor Reverb, TS-1 Foot Switch, TS-2, FS-5, foot switches. FSD-1 Deluxe Dual Foot Switch, C-35 Cover with protective panels and carrying strap, and BC-1 heavy-duty, nickel plated casters

Remote Speaker Cabinets
Model 12, Model 12-D, Model 15, M-14, Imperial RM-2, RS-12 and RS-15 Speaker Cabinets. The Brute Sound-PS 150, PS 300, PAS 150 and PAS 300 powered add-on speaker cabinets.


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